Our Love Story

Jon and Tanesha were both born and raised in Harrisburg Pennsylvania, but they didn’t officially meet until 2010 while they were both attending Harrisburg Area Community College. Although they would both soon be transferring, they maintained a friendship while Jon attended Shippensburgh University and Tanesha attended Kutztown University. After they graduated, they both moved back to their hometown of Harrisburg where they were able to maintain a friendship. 

Although their friendship grew closer and they would occasionally hint at the idea of attempting a relationship, it wasn’t until the end of 2016 (December 2nd to be exact) that they would go on their first date. Tanesha originally planned to go to an upscale birthday celebration in DC with her sister, but her sister was unable to make the trip due to an unexpected illness. As fate would have it, Jon was available to take the trip that would turn out to be the first of an infinite number of dates the couple would go on together. On September 3rd, a year and 9 months into their relationship, Jon surprised Tanesha by proposing to her with a short video and poem expressing his love and asking Tanesha to be his wife.

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